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Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants to suit any environment

To ensure a good, strong supply of water for the fire brigade if they were to need to attend your site to tackle a fire, they will need to access a fire hydrant. If there is not a fire hydrant in a public footway close enough to your building, you will need a private fire hydrant.

NU-FORM FIRE UK offer underground fire hydrants as well as above ground pillar type fire hydrants. Following a site survey, our expert team can design a hydrant ring system for you to suit your site requirements. We install a hydrant ring main at least the height of the building away from the external walls of the building, and then place hydrants at strategic points around the main, no more than 90 metres apart. All fire hydrant systems have divisional isolation valves so that sections of the system can be isolated during maintenance and testing without needing to shutdown the entire main ring.

Added peace of mind

All fire hydrants system installation contracts include initial overview and training of your own on-site staff so that you are fully equipped to carry out regular testing routines, a 12 month warranty and free servicing for the first 12 months.

To discuss your fire hydrant requirements and get a quote, contact NU-FORM FIRE UK now on 01706 825111 or email sales@sprinklersystems.co.uk

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